The Panama Project — CultureBound for Missions

Read the story of two Panamanian missionaries and see how their CultureBound training helped prepare them for ministry abroad.

CultureBound is heading to Panama in May 2020 to provide missionaries with experience-based culture and language training. Your support will allow us to offset the costs and provide exceptional training, right where they live.


Next Door and Around the World

As Americans, we often see ourselves as one of the primary cultures passionate for sharing the gospel and being on mission in reaching the world. But much like ourselves, other believers, in other cultures, share that same calling. They too have fervor for learning how to learn a new culture and being prepared well to minister with others.

Such is the case with a dynamic and emerging group of mission organizations in Central America who are preparing missionaries to extend their faith within their own professions as well as other cultures. CultureBound is engaged annually to train these Central Americans and prepare them for work next door and around the world.

One of these missions groups in Panama is becoming a primary destination for training and sending missionaries and professionals. They call on CultureBound’s bilingual staff to equip students with the tools that will prepare them for life and work in, and with, an unfamiliar culture.


Dr. Luke is a medical doctor who participated in CultureBound’s training in Panama. He works in Central America, providing much needed medical attention and spiritual attention to those he serves. During language and culture training, he started to use a great Spanish word, intuición, that translates well into the English word “intuitive.”

How do people know the expected ways to believe, think, act and respond to life’s challenges that are part of their worldview, that they know intuitively? It’s those things that one doesn’t need to think over because they come so naturally that everyone does them — until you move to another culture.

With his CultureBound training, Dr. Luke now works in a sensitive area, among a group of people who are animistic, who intuitively look to the spirits to solve their problems. Now he is learning how to bring the light of the Gospel to transform their “intuitive” spiritist way of life.

Sacred Words

Another CultureBound student colleague in Central America runs an import/export business in the Middle East. His business puts him in touch with people from all over his new host nation.

A man in this new culture recently asked him very quietly if he didn’t have some sacred words that could be shared. Little by little, reading those sacred words has now led to believing those sacred words, and receiving the gift of eternal life!

Business and professionals, missionaries and international travelers, they all encompass the variety of the mission-minded students CultureBound prepares through our Panamanian coworkers.