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CultureBound Online Course Offerings

CultureCourse Online

Self-Directed CC

CultureBound’s Self-Directed CultureCourse is an online webinar-style learning experience designed to take learners on a deep dive into cultural patterns. Lessons include Cultural Balance, Cross-Cultural Communication, Relational Learning, and many more!

Our Self-Directed option offers…

  • seamless, practical application to any social setting
  • completion on the learner’s own time
  • accessibility for at-home learning
  • no prerequisite requirement
  • non-certificate
CC Cohort for Missions

The CultureCourse Cohort for Missions is an intensive 5-day course including all the content of our Self-Directed Course plus specific training for those entering the mission field. Students will need approximately 6 hours each day of the week-long course to complete lessons, attend live sessions with trainers, and participate in field trips.  Additional lessons include Relational Theology, God’s Culture Tree, and Creating a Culturally Appropriate Plan for Ministry.

Our Cohort option offers…

  • training that prepares you for global ministry
  • five 6-hour sessions of interactive training
  • peer-to-peer interaction via Zoom
  • live instruction from our culture trainers
  • certificate earned upon completion
CC with Personalized Coaching

Our personalized coaching option includes all content covered in the Self-Directed and Cohort courses, along with culture learning content that is directly focused to your unique context.  If you want training that is tailor-made to coach you in building relationships within a particular cultural context, this is the course for you.

Personalized Coaching offers…

  • 30 hours of training to prepare you for culture-specific interactions
  • intensive one-on-one training with culture trainers
  • a flexible training schedule to fit your needs
  • self-directed field trips
  • certificate earned upon completion

LanguageCourse Online

LC Cohort for Missions

The LanguageCourse Cohort for Missions is an intensive 5-day course designed to give students tools to become self-directed language learners.  At CultureBound, we believe the best way to learn a new language is through relationships with people who speak the target language.  Our LanguageCourse aims to promote relational learning through the use of Language Helpers and a focus on relationship building. Topics covered include Relational Theology, Listening Comprehension, Grammar & Pronunciation, and more!

Our Cohort Option offers…

  • language learning skills to prepare for global ministry
  • 5-7 hours of prerequisite material in preparation for the course
  • five 7-hour sessions of interactive training
  • peer-to-peer interaction via Zoom
  • live instruction from our language trainers
  • live activities with language helpers
  • certificate earned upon completion
LC with Personalized Coaching

The personalized coaching option for LanguageCourse includes all content covered in the Cohort option, plus extra language learning content specific to your target language. Our language trainers will work with you to schedule 35 hours of interactive training on a flexible timeline.

Personalized Coaching offers…

  • 35 hours of training to equip you in learning your target language
  • flexible training schedule to fit your needs
  • intensive one-on-one training with language trainers and helpers
  • certificate earned upon completion

CultureBound for Church Communities

Part One

This course is designed to instruct pastors and church leaders in building cross-cultural relationships within their church and surrounding neighborhood.  CultureBound for Church Communities is a 6-hour webinar style training broken up into two 3-hour sessions over two days.

Part one of this course takes students through our PEACE Program, providing a basic understanding of cross-cultural patterns and relational dynamics.