Learning Sites


CultureBound online courses are provided through a secure and internationally-recognized educational platform. The use of online connections allows us to offer excellent training in economical ways.

Upon completed registration for a course, you will be provided with all the login and access information needed to attend and participate online.


CultureBound calls Portland, Oregon home base. Many of our course offerings combine onsite training in Portland with online teaching accessed from your home base or your international destination.

Course training locations in Portland vary based on the class size and duration of the training.

Meeting the needs of trainees, right where they are, is a strength of CultureBound. We are nimble in our ability to add your group or organization’s location to our training schedule, and we would be happy to discuss the option of providing training right where you are. Consult the Courses page for a complete listing of trainings located outside of Portland.


CultureBound sponsors and attends intercultural and language conferences throughout the year that allow individuals, groups and organizations to come together for learning experiences. Consult our Calendar for dates and locations.


CultureBound is pleased to partner with educational institutions and provide cooperative coursework to complement each school’s degree and certification programming.

CultureBound teachers work with a variety of for-credit academic institutions, providing our training as part of undergraduate and graduate level degree programs. We are especially glad to serve smaller schools that might not have opportunity to offer missions training without this resource.


CultureBound collaborates with organizations and businesses in many parts of the world. We offer the same range of training for missions, academics, and business with our international associates that we provide for U.S.-based churches and organizations.