Dear Friends of CultureBound,


CultureBound has historically trained missionaries through mission agencies. But increasingly, we have rejoiced at realizing how much impact our training now has for local churches in the United States.

Church with a Capital “C”

The Church has been sending missionaries for centuries. And, during much of the last century, they’ve been sent from North America and Western Europe to places around the world. But today, individual churches are taking a very significant lead role in sending well-equipped personnel into different cultural communities within their own cities. In these last few months we have been enlisted to train US churches in numbers we’ve never experienced before.

Missions is from Everywhere to Everywhere

But this isn’t happening just here in the US. There are people from churches in Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East who are engaging CultureBound training in those countries as well, in cooperation with our mission partners.

And we’re being asked to train these local church missionaries in how to be better prepared to reach across cultural barriers right in their own communities as well as the rest of the world.

You are Training Missionaries

At CultureBound, we depend on you to be a significant part of our team in serving these international churches that simply do not have the resources available to pay for this crucial, cultural training. Together, we are helping churches alongside of mission agencies around the world, send these missionaries equipped with culture and language training.

We encourage you to get a greater understanding of “Culture’s role in your church” through this special issue of CultureBound for Church Communities. Please share this publication with others in your church as a sample of the CultureBound training we can provide your church community and future missionaries.

Thank you for your generous gifts that allow us to join with you, the Church, in preparing all those God as called to be CultureBound.


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