Dear Friends of CultureBound,


Think with me about the wonders that happen when two people communicate. When all goes right, the thoughts, dreams, hopes and feelings of one person take root in the mind and heart of another. It is amazing and astounding that you can become aware of what I have hidden in my mind and heart; and that I can know you in that same way.

We encourage this amazing interaction through many means: words, songs, and body language for example. In our Languages of Culture story, a photograph from Lauren carried hopes, thoughts, and dreams from one human soul to another. A photograph handed to a friend days before a sudden departure became more than an image on paper: it communicated a deep message of knowledge, memory, and promise.

Lauren’s story is a powerful example of how a printed image can communicate, but another story is more powerful still. Genesis says that we are created “in the image” of God. Paul picks up on that idea in I Corinthians 15, saying that those of us who know the Lord Jesus carry His heavenly image.

We ourselves are the “photos” that carry knowledge, memory and hope of the God who created us, who redeemed us, and who is returning for us.

At CultureBound, our calling is to equip people who carry God’s image for the task of communicating His knowledge, memory and hope to people from every nation and language.  I am writing this letter to ask if you would prayerfully consider coming alongside of CultureBound in this great task.

Your prayers and your financial support are vital. You want for the Gospel message to take root in the hearts and minds of those who have not heard; and that is exactly what we seek. We would be delighted and honored to work together to communicate this message.



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