Packing List for Your Next Trip

Preparation for a trip usually includes a list of things we need to pack to be ready for all the variables a destination will present and require . . . itinerary, camera, international plug adapters, and of course a copy of the latest tourism book, featuring destination highlights — you know the drill.

And for most of us, we learn what to pack on our next adventure based on what we forgot the last time we traveled. It’s the trial-and-error method of travel preparation. It’s frustrating being in a foreign environment and not having everything you need to enjoy the new experience.

At CultureBound, one of the exciting aspects of our ministry is sharing the cultural know-how missionaries, business people and individuals like you will need before arriving in a new culture. It’s the trip packing list and field training you need before the field.

We also teach the skills needed to learn how to learn a culture and language once you arrive in your new ministry field destination. Skills that can be used in an unfamiliar mission field, as well as the corner market on Main Street USA.

Send a Missionary Packing

What you may not know is that CultureBound does more than train missionaries. We also help cover the costs associated with training.

Last year we had the privilege of formally preparing 455 learners with our intercultural training programs, and hundreds more through informal seminars, classes and communications. Generally, these are missionaries being sent to our training from mission agencies as well as local churches from around the world.

We provided over $250,000 in funding and scholarships to offset the costs of that training — costs that many of our missionaries would have needed to raise through their own support networks.

Whether it’s a 3-hour class or a 10-day training course, expenses like travel, teaching staff salaries, facilities, online resources and printed materials are part of every training program we provide. Friends of CultureBound like you helped us underwrite a portion of these expenses, so that a student missionary didn’t have to carry the full weight of their tuition and fees.

As we prepare for the next academic year, we are anticipating a 25% increase in the number of students we will serve. Won’t you please prayerfully consider coming alongside us at CultureBound with a generous gift to support the journeys of this year’s missionaries?

When you donate online, we at CultureBound can send another missionary fully prepared for intercultural ministry on your behalf.

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